The Environmental and Agricultural Entomology Laboratory researches commodity protection technologies, with a focus on providing guidance to agricultural producers, environmental groups, state and federal agencies, and university faculty and staff on sustainable crop and pollinator protection via Integrated Pest Management.


Producing quality hops to produce quality beers.

The EAEL hop research program is focused on developing effective, economical, integrated pest management strategies for key insect and mite pests. Current efforts emphasize whole farm approaches that balance synthetic inputs within the hop growing ecosystem. These projects culminate with how biotic and abiotic stress on hop plants impact the brewing qualities of hops and the beers brewed with them.


Protecting pollinators, our key partners in agriculture.

The EAEL’s pollinator protection research focuses on landscape-level assessments of the sub-lethal effects of exposure to candidate pesticides on adult bee behaviors and brood development. This project uses alkali and alfalfa leafcutting bees as model systems.

Alfalfa Seed

A balancing act between pest control and pollination preservation.

The EAEL conducts research to balance pest control with pollinator protection.

Wine/Juice Grapes

An IPM Success story.

Research conducted by the EAEL eliminated grower concerns regarding cutworms in Washington State vineyards and subsequently insecticide use was reduced by 83% in the early 2000s. Current research involves investigating insect vectors of viral diseases and developing alternative control tactics for leafhopper pests.

Specialty Crops

Protecting Washington states’ 200+ specialty crops.

The EAEL develops alternative and sustainable pest management practices for over 200 specialty crops produced in Washington.

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