Sally O’Neil

Sally O’Neil Senior Communication Specialist

Dan Groenendale Field Research Director

Tora Brooks

Tora Brooks Associate in Research

Wilson Peng

Wilson Peng Agriculture Research Technician

Antonio Marino

Antonio Marino Farmer Technician


Miguel Farmer Technician

Fang Zhu

Fang Zhu PhD, Associate in Research

Mark Lavine

Mark Lavine PhD, Associate in Research


Herma Amalia Ph.D. Student

Interest: Agricultural Pests, Toxicology, and Integrated Pest Management Project: Characterization of insecticide resistance mechanisms in the western tarnished plant bug, Lycus Hesperus knight (Hemiptera; Miradae) Education: B.S. in Plant Pests and Diseases; M.S. in Entomology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Natalie Boyle Ph.D. Student

Interest: Honey bee colony health Project: Effects of sublethal pesticide residues on honey bee colony health Education: B.S. Biology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, 2009

Courtney Grula

Courtney Grula M.S. Student

Interest: Bee diversity Project: Comparative Studies of pollinator diversity among crops and adjacent riparian habitats Education: B.S Biology Iowa State University.